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AGM Notice

Blackhorse Residents Association Annual General Meeting to be held on Zoom, a leaflet will be delivered to each member.

This will include an option for you to take part and speak to your street representatives and the chairman and raise any issues and offer any suggestions in regards to any additional services or matters you would like the Association to provide or look into.

Please Note: No AGM held in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions

AGM Minutes

Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park 

We will be meeting in the park on Sunday 11th April between 2pm and 5pm
To undertake various tasks around the park.

The weather forecast suggests it will be dry but cold.

The Covid rule of 6 people meeting outside still applies until June.

There is a choice of tasks that include any of the following:
1. Wild seed the Garden bed and the filled in School pond / new boggy area (April).
2. Finish removing Buddleia hanging over the path on phase 1 (near the central oak tree).
3. Finish repairing Raised beds.
4. Cut grass around the Orchard trees.
5. Cut back trees blocking light to the Orchard trees.
6. Cut the willow next to the Orchard.
7. Vegetable planting in (April).
8. Cut down the dead tree at the Train Seat, near Dalmally Passage (taking care to avoid falling branches).
9. Move stones from the Garden soil heap to the Railway sculpture at Dalmally Passage.
10. Check on the Frog Spawn and remove any twigs and rubbish from the ponds.
11. Move earth from the Garden soil heap to the School pond to fill it in.
12. Cut grass and weed the School Triangle.
13. Litter picking, including dumped items by the fences at the tram stop end.
14. Move stones from the Garden spoil heap to fill the puddle recesses along the path.

Richard, for Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park

Update: Teevan Road

The planning application for 20a Teevan Road has been approved. This is despite numerous objections, including both of our ward councillors. As the proposals were submitted using the Permitted Rights regulations, it would appear that Council planners were unable to reject them, although they have put some conditions on the build.


These plans were put forward during lockdown and were not widely advertised, and it is only through information from our members that we were able to bring them to the attention of a wider audience. If you hear of any proposals near you that you are concerned about do let us know.


  • The BHRA was formed 35 years ago to give a voice to local people on issues that matter to them.

  • The BHRA Committee meets regularly to listen to local concerns and to plan social events, to which all members are invited.

  • Each road covered by the Association has a representative who is automatically on the committee to ensure that issues are raised and heard.

  • Recent Matters under discussion have inevitably been the Blackhorse Lane Bridge closure and is negative impact on local residents and local traders, and the newly refurbished Ashburton Hall.

  • The Association also writes regularly to the Council on issues such as fly-tipping, street lighting and traffic/parking, BHRA worked with the council on behalf of residents to limit the use of Tenterden Road, Pagehurst and Wydehurst for the numerous fun fairs, main entry is now via the new double gates at the front of Ashburton Park.

Croydon 2030
The Big Conversation

To create a joint vision for Croydon together with our residents and communities

The Big Conversation asks what we want Croydon to be like in 2030? We highlight six topics - taking a look at some of the challenges we face now; how Croydon is changing; and how we all have a part to play.

Discovering Addiscombe

Addicombe Railway Park

Join the community in supporting our heritage

Addiscombe Railway Park - Location

The park is situated between Morland Road to the North and Dalmally Road to the South. The park occupies 1.3 hectares (3.3 acres) and is approximately 800 metres long.

Access to the park
Entrances are located at :

  • The Blackhorse Lane, Tram Stop entrance to the North of the park.

  • Dalmally Passage which links Morland Road at the pedestrian crossing with Dalmally Road providing access to the centre of the park.

  • East India Way to the South of the Park.


One of our members Tina is running a new Yoga class


Yoga Class at:
Ashburton Hall (Ashburton Park). CR0 6RX

Saturday's at 4pm (First 4 taster Classes are £5 each.


To book, please call Tina Rawal on: 07932 427 801
Or email to

Please bring your yoga mat
or to book please contact Tina

1 Hour Classes

Tina also runs classes at the Philosophy School in Croydon (Near East Croydon)

Tuesdays at 5:15 pm

Tina is a BWY Accredited Yoga Teacher

Easy to follow, at your own pace, peaceful and enjoyable

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Membership is open to all residents in the following roads.

Blackhorse Lane, Coniston Road, Cambourne Road, 2-134 Dalmally Road (Even Numbers to Dalmally Passage), 1-67 Dalmally Road (Odd numbers to Addiscombe Avenue), Mount Pleasant View, Pagehurst Road, Wydehurst Road, Sissinghurst Road, Tenterden Road, Tenterden Gardens, Teevan Road, Teevan Close, Lower Addiscombe Road (From Spring Lane, both sides) and Woodside Court Road.

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