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Ashburton Hall

Update on Ashburton Hall/Park February 2018


The old library building, now renamed Ashburton Hall was officially opened in December last year with an open day featuring workshops and taster classes reflecting some of the groups  that hope to be using the building in the long term.


The building has been refurbished to a high standard and is open four days a week including weekends so do go and see what has been done. The new lease holders are Greenwich  Leisure Limited (GLL) and they took over the running the park and the building at the beginning of March.


For the first part of there year,  Deshi Arts have been looking after things. They have encouraged community arts and workshops which GLL have pledged to continue and have put on events including an art exhibition and a sold-out concert by the London Mozart Players.


The park itself has been included in the Council's Master Plan for green spaces and a vision for its future development drawn up.


You can see a copy on the Council website (Ashburton Park Parks Vision).

These are exciting times for the Park so once the weather improves get along and have a look.

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