Blackhorse Lane Bridge

Everyone should have received an official update letter from the Council and TfL, if you did not get yours here is the information below, Plus a link (Red Button) to TfL's website.

Croydon Council-owned Addiscombe Park Bridge will be replaced at the same time in one joint project to save public money
and time. That new bridge will be two metres wider to accommodate a cycle path, improving facilities for local cyclists.

Timeline of work

We are replacing Blackhorse Lane Bridge, a single span bridge that crosses two tram lines between Blackhorse Lane and Addiscombe tram stops. We want to reopen the bridge as soon as possible - it should open to single lane traffic before main construction work finishes in spring 2020.

Next steps

We appointed contractor Morgan Sindall to do the work. In 2018 they did site investigations and enabling works and produced detailed designs.

Working closely with them and Croydon Council, we have developed a revised work schedule.

Main construction work now underway is expected to finish in spring 2020.

We're currently aiming to open both bridges to single lane traffic and pedestrians by the end of December 2019. This could be pushed to January 2020 at the latest if the utility companies involved can't complete their own work as part of this.



Separate closures on the Beckenham Junction branch of the tram line are needed to carry out the work as quickly as possible. Tram-replacement bus services will run and closures will take place during school holidays as much as possible.

The first two closures took place in February and April. The next closure is expected to take place between Friday 23 August and Sunday 1 September 2019. Trams will return to service on Monday 2 September 2019.

For details, check back here or go to the Planned trams line closures page.

The closures will allow both bridges to open to single lane traffic as early as possible before the full reopening.


Earlier activity

The work carried out so far includes:

  • Weight removed from the bridge to ensure the safety of the tramway under it

  • A pedestrian and cycle bridge installed to ensure access for local residents

  • Funding secured for both bridge replacements

  • Legal agreements reached between TfL and Croydon Council

  • Tendering completed

  • Design work started

  • Discussions with utility companies held to agree on diversions and reinstatement of major utilities

  • Lighting improved across the site and on the walkways

  • Security patrols operating 24 hours a day

  • Installation of ground anchors into the earth to support each new bridge structure

  • Work (in progress) to demolish and reconstruct both the bridge over the tram line and the bridge over Addiscombe Railway Park


Why we're doing the work

The bridge is now more than 120 years old, so extensive work is needed to replace the bridge deck.

When we took over responsibility for Blackhorse Lane Bridge from Network Rail in September 2013, the bridge already had a 3 tonne weight limit. Our regular surveys showed that the weight limit needed to be reduced further.

Traffic weight restriction measures were put in place but the new limit was breached regularly. This is why the bridge was closed and a diversion route put in place.


Working with the community

We have worked closely with Croydon Council on the bridge closures and replacement plans. We'll stay in touch with local residents, business owners and stakeholders.

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